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• Hello! I am #carlosfabiancg and welcome to my factory of inspiration and production of fonts with an emphasis on the expressiveness of graphic design, art direction, calligraphy, lettering and typography. Please see my portfolio so that you can see the services that I offer and I thank you in advance for your interest in my portfolio and the services that I offer.

  If you have questions about font licenses, prices or general inquiries, etc, do not hesitate to contact me. A key and fundamental point of our designs is written communication with our clients, so I invite you to complete the form and tell us if you are interested in us working on your advertising project, book cover or other type of commercial signage.

   We enjoy investigating the essence of the drawing of empty and full areas, fostering in our clients and students the curiosity to learn from the oldest artisans located before the appearance of computers. In that order we are constantly investigating artists and traditional traditional crafts that in other times were admired for centuries for their methodologies and handmade processes.

  Studying design of and with typefaces, I give lectures on these topics with a duration of 45 minutes. I also teach workshops on calligraphy, lettering or typography with limited capacity of time and students. I am available for online-only events for panel discussions or “private chat” talks. I prefer not to book more than 8 months in advance. Contact me, you will receive an answer within 1-2 weeks.


#carlosfabiancg is open for new projects, collaborations and work in Monday through Friday 9 a.m. M. – 5 p. M. Location: Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

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