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 I was born in Venezuela but my childhood happened in Colombia. I went to Venezuela to study graphic design in San Cristóbal and Mérida, and worked in advertising agencies in Caracas for five years. Then I got an ideal opportunity to move back to Bogotá, where I continued my career as an art director for three years. Then one day I decided to try my luck working full-time at building up Andinistas. My first job in advertising was the logo and packaging for a coffee company from Norte de Santander; I went on to design posters, flyers, brochures and banners for small firms in Mérida. After I moved to Caracas, I worked as a trainee at the Venezuelan-French agency Publicis 67 working for such brands as Firestone, British Airways, and Renault, and then worked as a graphic designer for various companies. I then landed a job as an art director at McCann Erickson Venezuela, where I did print and TV design for clients ranging from Goodyear and General Motors to Quatro drinks and Stayfree hygiene products. My last job in Caracas was as an art director at Leo Burnett Venezuela. I was then hired by OgilvyOne in Bogotá, and went on to the Colombian-American advertising agency SSABates. Finally I was hired by Silva Publicidad, working with brands like Jeep, Roche, Varta, and more.

2006 to present: Andinistas fonts foundry located in Bogotá, Colombia. In his philosophy diversity fonts for drawings are inexhaustible and so from 1998 he explores different styles. 

The thematic fonts of, are unique and commercially efficient because they make shine the written offers making them very attractive, neutral or invisible depending on whether the requirements of graphic design are and make it powerful, discreet, sober, exaggerated, etc. 

CFCG is co-founded andinistas dot com dot ve and Some of his typographic fonts have been mentioned in the Latin American Biennial 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018. His fonts have been reviewed in print and electronics in various publications in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Today his fonts are licensed and useful for Western buyers ranging from one-man design studios to multinational companies.

2009-2015: He served as a teacher of typography at the Faculty of graphic design of Pilot University of Colombia, Bogota. 

2017-2019: He served as a teacher of typography at the Faculty of Arts University Javeriana, Bogotá. 


#carlosfabiancg is open for new projects, collaborations and work in Monday through Friday 9 a.m. M. – 5 p. M. Location: Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

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  If you have questions about font licenses, prices or general inquiries, etc, do not hesitate to contact me. A key and fundamental point of our designs is written communication with our clients, so I invite you to complete the form and tell us if you are interested in us working on your advertising project, book cover or other type of commercial signage.

   We enjoy investigating the essence of the drawing of empty and full areas, fostering in our clients and students the curiosity to learn from the oldest artisans located before the appearance of computers. In that order we are constantly investigating artists and traditional traditional crafts that in other times were admired for centuries for their methodologies and handmade processes.

  Learning design of and with typefaces, I give lectures on these topics. I also teach workshops on calligraphy, lettering or typography with limited capacity of time and students.

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