Identity JCF | 2016

1) Description: Design of pictogram and lettering of 3 words that will group the philosophy of trainer John Cuervo Fit. One goal was to mix the idea of “the Punisher (television series) + the fitness concept” No pain, no gain “. It also had to be easy to reproduce in black and white, allowing it to be read from far and near on cards, stickers, outside notice, rubber stamp, instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube. 

2) Process:  I decided to unite form and content by drawing three directions with different pictogram options that would match an energetic font in line with fitness logic. In that sense I took different ideas of old cursive signs traced with brush in advertising of 1920. And at the same time I drew options to achieve fitness expressivity.

3) Details: I built the drawing of the skull from mixing old photographs. I drew the pictogram from a collage of different arms, hands, shoulders, heads and different silhouettes of athletes who, when united, will communicate strength.

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