Flaminia is a typeface family of 4 members designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo. The central idea started as Dingbats and titles labeled with fine-tipped brushes and flat tip for graphic design related restaurant menus, instructions, packaging, food containers and labels. Thus began the process of drawings and letters integrated by shapes and counterblocks that seem inaccurate yet but at the same time clean and attractive. For this reason each variable suggests fresh brushstrokes that combine ideas from Roman and italic calligraphy. Flaminia members work separately or together by solving needs in different scenarios. This will enhance its properties in order to control and diagram titles, subtitles and short paragraphs with an effusive and manuscript character.


Flaminia font by Andinistas

Flaminia is useful for generating a flavor of “hand lettered by skilled artists lettering.” In conclusion, Flaminia Regular and Italic are used to write short paragraphs. His ascending and downs are lower that the X height. Its width is imperceptibly condensed to save horizontal space. Its smooth lines and finishes simulating a crescent moon have been made with fine-tipped brush. The contrast between thick and thin has medium intensity. Its complement is an ideal italic to emphasize words and phrases. Its conceptual characteristics are similar with foundation’s handwriting, except for his companion who takes ideas from the ornamental italic calligraphy.

Flaminia Black is compact and ideal for ranking information such as words and titles. Its personality is based on ornamental penmanship italics mixed with humanistic ideas outlined with contrast-type, flat-tipped brush thickness. Its overall width is slightly condensed, rising and falling are short compared to an exaggerated X height. Its smooth lines and terminations as in a crescent moon simulate the path of a broad brush. Its amount of contrast between strokes have average intensity. In brief, push to the limit parameters such as the type and amount of contrast, size, backward, forward, overall width, etc.

And finally, Flaminia Dingbats offers three sets of different illustrations, a total of almost 90 drawings useful in communications related to: Food, Clothes and Sketchy. Each carefully wrought through research, testing, analytical design, visual strategy and high-definition of Bezier paths, optimizing time and work to their users. And in conclusion, I have plans to continue expanding the family with more complete versions in the future.

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Andinistas is a type foundry from Colombia/Venezuela founded by Carlos Fabián Camargo in 1998. Day by day, Andinistas’ work is obtained by more and new buyers all around the occidental world.

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