Naturalia Font by Andinistas

Naturalia font was designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo in 2012 and suggests an ultra-narrow, spontaneous and winding handwriting lettering, it is great for composing short and striking sentences. His idea behind not only alludes asymmetrical shapes but simple glyphs that compact vertical and tight proportions between lower case and upper case letters. Indeed, lower case letters have ascendant and descendant strokes shorter than the “x” height and width is generally condensed, saving horizontal space and supporting monolinear amount of contrast between thick and thin strokes accompanied by their sans serif endings.


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Lucrecia font by Andinistas

Lucrecia font by Andinistas

Ancient, antiqued, broken, brushdrawn, calligraphy, constructed, cool, cursive, cute, damaged, decorative, disconnected, elegant, experimental, fashionable, ghost, grunge, hand, handwriting, heavy, ink, monster, mysterious, oldstyle, organic, ornamental, party, poison, poster, punk, retro, rough, script, sketch, tshirt, wedding.

lucrecia font

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Heleodora font by Andinistas

Digitalarts Say (16 Page/ Digital Arts October 2008): Scratchy perfection: Fans of Gonzo illustrator Ralph Steadman will find plenty to like in Heleodora, the newest font from Andinistas. Available in three different typefaces, each more slanted than the last, the font has an intense, hand-drawn quality that makes it perfect for adding a little anarchy to your designs. Andinistas is an independent type foundry and graphic design company, founded in Venezuela and now based in Colombia; it specializes in custom and retail fonts. Buy the font from $39.95 (about £20) from MyFonts.

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